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We carefully author & curate our articles with CoCreate clients in mind.  We hope they encourage you in your financial journey.


A Roadmap for Business Owners

Thinking about the future of your business?   At CoCreate Financial, we work with business owners at all stages so that your business gives you the most opportunities to live the life you want.  Whether you’re just starting your business, making plans for strategic growth, or preparing for your next adventure, CoCreate Financial Advisors integrate business planning and advanced exit planning services with comprehensive financial planning and wealth management. 


Where are you in your journey?

The Three Questions

Most people are asking three financial questions: how much is enough? Will I always have enough? Will it always be enough? Our job as financial advisors is to help you navigate the challenging questions surrounding your financial resources.  Most people start out...

How to Transition out of Real Estate and keep a Steady Income Stream

f you own rental properties, in the last year and a half you probably have asked the question, “Should I sell?” Maybe it is a thought you have quickly pushed to the side, or maybe you have already unloaded a property or two and are deciding how to best utilize your proceeds. There is a collection of reasons every landlord is asking this question right now and they are important to examine. But even if you decide you should sell a property, the next question is if you can do something else with your proceeds to replace the steady income you received form your rental.

Employee Retention Strategy

This article was written as a whitepaper we used prior to the extreme impact the Coronavirus lock-downs had on the employment situation across the US. Although unemployment rates skyrocketed and it it looks like a employer's labor market, hiring and finding the right...

The Future is in Our Hands

I believe that our economy is strong.  I believe it is remarkably flexible and resilient.  A couple of weeks ago I shared our thoughts in verse about economics considering COVID-19 and the “Oil Price War.”  You also got a glimpse of my love for Mexican food.  As we...

Healthcare Cost in Retirement

“How much will I need to Budget for healthcare costs when I retire?” When I sit down with people who are preparing for retirement, one of the most significant topics we end up wading through is their potential healthcare cost.  Many have significant concerns that they...

Financial Planning & Your Mortgage

Like going to the doctor for your regular check-ups, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of your financial plan. Usually this happens in conversations with your Financial Advisor, but occasionally, you’ll want to do a thorough review. Refinancing your home or purchasing a new piece of property is the perfect time for an in-depth financial consultation.

2019 Mid-Year Musings

July is the season when economists and investment advisors reflect upon the first half of the year and give ink to their thoughts about the year to come. These are some of my mid-year musings, which will guide portfolios, investment decisions, and conversations over the coming months.
Find out what you need to know about the past six months and what the rest of the year has in store.